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Posted Oct 23 2008 6:14am

We all watched with awe Michael Phelps swim in the Summer Olympics. Many of us focused on how many world records Mr. Phelps would set, Dr Joyner a competitive athlete and researcher at the Mayo clinic noticed something else, hoe relaxed he was in the water. Relaxation is a state that is often underestimated; it can make the difference between doing your best and not doing so well. Coaches search for better ways to teach it, athletes, some the worlds beat, work on it constantly


In competitive events tension is present, but tension is slow and it is inefficient. Relaxation is hard to describe but we know when we achieve it. When we get there it is wonderful, that high we all crave, however we don’t get there by trying. That is the mystery of relaxation.


Relaxation goes against most athletes mind set. The thought process is always harder equals faster; a different way to think is relaxing doesn’t mean you have to go slower.

People like Michael Phelps have mastered this concept. They are able to get into a rhythm and stay there even under the stress of competing in the Olympics


Athletes know when they are relaxed; they feel good this feeling of being in the “zone” seems to happen at random. If we pay attention it just may increase the odds of it happening more often..

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