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Regular exercise regimen? Anyone??

Posted by Dr. Michael Berry

What is the importance of having a healthy and fit body and how important is it to have a regular exercise regimen? Do you follow a specific exercise regimen, what it is like? Do share your views here.
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No one can deny the benefit of a regular exercise regimen on overall health and disease prevention..I have been regular with my morning walks,followed by gym sessions thrice a week,where I do knee strengthening exercises..It has helped me restore my knee mobility and strength...
Hello and thank you for replying to my post. You have been following a very healthy exercise regimen, I must say. It will help you immensely in the long run. Knee pain is a very common issue these days and knee straightening exercises can help in easing the pain. Good going. :)
Fitness is the ability to function effectively and efficiently in an active environment that suits your personal interests and goals. Physical fitness means good health and sole.Physical fitness means you are cool at your home as well as work place.
It is very important to do regular exercise for the prevention of various diseases.
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