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Reducing weight around the tummy

Posted by Swati S.

I have been walking regularly and have shed a lot of pregnancy weight. But somehow, the bulge around the tummy refuses to go. I have started doing sit-ups as it is said to be a good for tummy reduction. I would love to get some advice on other ways to reduce this, apart from the walking that I am regularly doing.

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It's great that you have been walking. That has created something of a caloric deficit, leading to the loss you have experienced. As with all fat, where it goes on first is where it leaves last. Abdominal work can, if done properly, create firmer stomach muscles. Using techniques popularized by Pilates and others, the transverse abdominis can be strengthened to hold the belly in somewhat. There will, however, be little or no effect on the fat that sits on top of the muscles. To affect that, and all fat loss, it is necessary to use the following elements in combination with each other: 1. Nutrition: a. Adequate protein, balanced properly with the correct type of carbohydrates and fats in the right proportions. b. A total intake of calories that is about 500 calories per day less than what is expended, to create a further caloric deficit. 2. Strength training: a. Utilizing body weight or weights or machines, increase muscle mass in order to raise the body's metabolism, which is the amount of calories that are burned at rest. This will also prevent the loss of critical muscle mass along with the loss of the unwanted fat mass. b.One additional pound of muscle burns 30-50 extra calories per day because of its need for "maintenance". 3. Cardiovascular exercise. This is a higher-level version of the walking you are doing. By increasing your heart rate through walking faster, walking uphill, jogging, bicycling, rowing, stair climbing, swimming, dancing, jumping rope, and/or vigorous sex, you will burn more calories than you have been, adding to the caloric deficit you need to lose body fat. There are many details within each of the categories above. A competent fitness trainer and nutritionist ought to be consulted for optimum results in a minimum time. I would be happy to answer any questions at no charge for a half hour if you wish to call me any time at 415-305-1322. I am a personal trainer and nutritionist. Good luck! Robert
core exercises like yoga will help for sure
I had the same problem. Sit ups are not going to work. You can't spot reduce. Healthy exercise,nutrition and overall body workouts are best to rid the body of flab. Weight gets lost every where. You can build a part of your body but spot reduction is not going to happen. You can firm the area up easily...... No situps..... Crunches,reverse crunches,side crunches and twisting exercises will do fine. 3 seats per exercise 20 reps and perfrom it 3 days per week. Also use a hoodia product to cut back on the cravings. Seanna
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