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recently i fractured my foot and have a cast on my when i sit in the car position my upper thigh starts to ache and feel

Posted by sentai55

Recently I have a cast on my leg and i barely move my right leg now since I have to relax and not put pressure on my foot.But when I'm sitting in the car position my right upper thighs start to ache and feel very uncomfortable sitting like that.I also can't be in the same position for too long or it starts to ache.Any idea what the problem could be?
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It might be from the cast on your leg. You could be sitting awkwarldy because of the cast, which is causing you to orient your legs in a manner that goes against your body's natural sitting stance. This might be causing stress in your leg that is causing you to ache and feel uncomfortable. It could also be because you're not moving your leg like you normally would, causing your body to ache from lack of movement-kind of like when you sit for too long and your back starts to hurt. 

 All in all, if you call your doctor/go for a visit I'm sure they'll be able to tell you what the reason is for your leg pain. 

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