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Ready to Lose Weight?

Posted Oct 25 2012 10:57am

It’s that time, the eating season is upon us. But you don’t have to wait to eat and gain, you can do something about it right now. One of my clients, Simone Kelly, has been working with me for about a month and is losing big, so much so that she shared her story and her revelations with her followers, check out her story below:

I still can’t believe it. I lost weight from eating more! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? I have heard it before and I’ve seen some of my body building buddies who eat loads of protein about every two to three hours and I always thought they were a bit extreme.

However, my fitness coach - Carol Dunlop (who by the way I never met in person, we coach via phone) has shown me that I’ve been doing it all wrong. I work out at least 3-4 times a week and I wasn’t losing weight. I couldn’t understand it. I lost a few inches and I have loads of energy and strength, but the weight wasn’t dropping.

I thought, maybe a fast would help. Maybe I will go to my vegan friend’s house for a week aka what I called FAT CAMP and it will melt off and give me a good head start. LOL However, my issue is that I wasn’t eating enough. Go figure, after just 2 weeks of eating every three hours and not eating late at night, I lost my first 6lbs. Whoo hoo! My body finally let go of some fat, because it thought, ‘Hey this chick is starving us, we don’t know when she’s gonna feed us again.’

I have ways more to go, but I feel good to finally know what was wrong. My coach Carol breaks it all down for you in this article. It’s A MUST READ if you want to lose weight!

Happy and Healthy Eating my friends!
Own Your Power,


You Can’t Lose Weight Because You Don’t Eat! By Carol Dunlop

It may seem like a strange thing to wrap your mind around, but it is the truth, you aren’t losing weight because you don’t eat! The honest truth is you have to eat calories to burn calories. And if you aren’t burning calories (or energy), you aren’t losing.

>> Read the rest of the story

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