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Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Strateg...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:32pm

Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

I'm often asked about some quick start points that I can give to people who want to lose fat. Normally I give them 7 points.

1) As soon as you wake up pound a protein shake, 3 fish oil caps and as much water as you can stand(usually 2-3 glasses). This is in addition to your usal breakfast as it will force you to take more protein in and ramp up your metabolism.

2) Eat 1 cup of green vegetables prior to to any meal. The fiber content in the vegetables will keep your blood sugar stable and it won't allow you to eat as much with a regular meal.

3) Protein, Almonds and Vegetables should make up all the food you eat between meals. This keep your metabolism high and prevents hunger pains.

4) Get your carb sources from fruit and vegetables. If you must eat carbs try to keep it to portions about the size of 1 cup of brown rice.

5) Don't eat carbohydrates after dinner. There's no magical time but it is good to limit your carb intake as your activity levels drop.

6) Eat a protein and healthy carb meal before bed. The small amount of carbs from granola will help you sleep and recover better as well as promote growth hormone levels.

7) Drink at least 4 cups of green tea a day.

I encourage everyone to post a comment and see if we can't troubleshoot some of your own fat loss issues together.

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