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race training week: training & race day foods

Posted Jan 24 2013 11:44pm
now that you have your training schedule, lets talk food....

here's the deal: it is very important to fuel your body for your run and for race day. many people think that they must eat a large bowl of pasta if they are going on a 3 or 4 mile run. not true! i repeat not true! if you do this, you will most likely feel very full and you will not burn many calories (if your goal is to shed lbs - don't do this on short runs). 

so, what are you supposed to eat? everyone has certain foods they like. my advice: choose foods that you like eating and that agree with your stomach (the last thing you want to do is be in the bathroom!).  depending on your run/race, you want to eat foods that will stick with you and give you energy. here are a few tips and foods i like to eat...
pojo's tips and fuel choices for race day
1. don't eat right before your race. give yourself at least an hour for your food to digest before your race. (trust me i have learned the hard way on this way)... many experts suggest fueling your body hours before and setting an alarm to eat in the middle of the night. i am a better runner if i do not do this and use that time to sleep. i just eat an hour or two before my race and that is plenty of time for my breakfast to digest. 
2. you want to eat mainly carbs with a little fat and a little protein and stay away from fiber. this is what i like to eat: a bagel or toast with peanut butter, granola, south beach bar, banana with peanut butter, and oatmeal.  (for my half marathon last sunday, i ate a bagel thin with peanut butter, granola bar, half a banana and a 100 calorie snack pack of chocolate cookies - that sounds like a lot and a random assortment. however, the pb toast/bagel is always my go to for runs and races. when you are running 13 miles you need a little more than just a pb bagel so thats why i ate all that ). 
3. make sure to stay hydrated. 
4. before race day, eat what you are going to eat on one of your long runs. this way you can see if your body agrees with your fuel choice. 
5. for short runs, gels are not necessary. i am not a fan of gels but some people like them for long runs. i have tried the gummies before and they are pretty good. 
so hopefully those tips help in the fuel department. 
here are two other articles that help breakdown fueling for races and runs: 
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