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Quick Weight Loss vs. Optimal Health, Part 1

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:00pm
The hazzards of the quick weight loss lifestyle and the benefits of the optimal health lifestyle were on full display this past weekend at Nutrilite Health Institute!

Nutrilite has been in existence for 75 years and is the only company that organically grows all its own plants which are used to produce their own nutritional products for optimal health! If you're looking for quick weight loss products, Nutrilite can't help you! Nutrilite researches, grows and produces its own scientifically healthy products!

My Fitness Hut and 8 other health bloggers (pictured above) were privileged to be invited to Nutrilite Health Institute in Buena Park, California! I was already familiar with some of Nutrilite's great products but not fully enlightened about what they are trying to accomplish.

Before I continue, let me state that I DO NOT SELL NUTRILITE PRODUCTS, so there is no profit motive for me to write about them!

But, you know that I have always stressed health before weight loss and beauty! I have constantly stressed that it does you no good to look great if your body is a total wreck and unhealthy!

So what is Nutrilite all about? They want you to achieve optimal health! Optimal health is defined by Dr. Duke Johnson, the author of the book, The Optimal Health Revolution.

Dr. Johnson (a great speaker) defines optimal health as:

"Optimal Health is the best health you are capable of, given your past and your genetic heritage."

Nutrilite's goal is to help you achieve optimal health. The following quote is on the wall at the Nutrilite Health Institute:

My Fitness Hut could not say it any better! Stay tuned this week and learn more about a great company!

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