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Quick & Innovative Workouts to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle and Fitness Goals

Posted Jun 03 2008 3:04pm 1 Comment

FemalewaterworkoutAre your days at the gym in short supply? Or do you simply need a more convenient way to squeeze in a new workout each day? You may be surprised to know the web offers some wonderful choices with free workouts and exercise regimens. Getting in shape could not be easier when you can quickly download a podcast or video to motivate you. If you are like many others, those Jane Fonda workout tapes you once used are now collecting dust. Here are some resources to locate an innovative workout that fits your busy lifestyle and fitness goals.

Video and Audio Podcasts
Exercise Radio offers a complete network of workouts including kickboxing, strength, yoga, and cardio.Ipod You can download free video and audio podcasts directly from the site, and each segment offers a complete routine so you'll always have something new to try. If you prefer a more personalized experience, the Exercise Radio Online Fitness Training program gives you a chance to make your own workouts based on goals and your current standing, and you can download everything you need after registration. This one costs $20 per month, but can be a good way to keep you on track for dieting and fitness success.

Health & Fitness Podcast Network
Amy McIntyre is a personal trainer who shares fitness tips and podcasts on a Health and Fitness Podcast Network. Fitness TV is the newest feature, and you can watch quick 5-minute segments of 'Fit Life' with Amy Mac from the Better Living Videos series, or download some nutrition counters for a healthy meal, and music playlists for a workout.

Build a customized workout at no charge with, a place to download heart-pumping workout music and exercise routines regardless of your fitness level. The formats are supported by iPods, PDAs, and even your cell phone (you can try out some lunchtime yoga), and track your progress with the Exertrack software. With beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels you'll always have something available as you get into shape.

Get Fit for Life
If you're serious about fitness for life, learn from the experts at the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). The company has recently partnered up with Spencer Broadcasting toGymgear offer free teleclasses and interactive sessions online. All you need to do is review the schedule and sign up for a segment of choice.

Finally, if you need a place to track your calories, learn about nutrition facts, or keep an exercise log, try out the free service from FitDay. FitDay helps you keep a weight loss goal report and calorie counter; you just need to register for a profile and you'll have access to the entire site. is another place to pick up some free copies of nutrition logs and journals.

If you're in need of some motivation to get into (or back into) shape, jump online to get started! The benefits of a regular fitness routine are enormous. You will reduce your stress level, have more energy, look more attractive, think more clearly, feel empowered for greater success physically, professionally and financially. (I prefer to workout early in the morning before work. The early workout sets me up for a great day. Working out early means, I don't have to worry about something coming up later in the day that could hinder my exercise plan.)

Making even a small amount time in your schedule is the first step, but when you have podcasts and classes available for download, keeping up with a routine will probably make it much easier.

Let me know which of these options you decide to pursue. I would love to hear how things are going for you.

Wishing you fitness success

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If you're looking for "quick and innovative workouts for a busy lifestyle," cancel your Exercise Radio subscription and pick up Mark Lauren's book, You Are Your Own Gym. The book costs five dollars less than one month of Exercise Radio. Better yet, it actually works. The book shows you how you can build muscle using only the resistance of your own body. And it only takes 30 minutes a day.
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