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Quick Diet Changes to lose weight

Posted Aug 04 2010 2:46pm

Quick Diet Changes that make an impact!

Sometimes you can lose weight by just changing how you eat. Of course, exercise always increases the rate of weight loss, but I like to say it all starts in the kitchen. There are a few little changes you can make to promote weight loss and it’s easy!

  1. Whole wheat. Switch from white breads, regular pastas, and flour tortillas. You can find all of these things in whole wheat.
    See, when you eat white bread you’re eating bleached grains. Bread isn’t supposed to be that white. It’s not naturally that white. In the bleaching process you lose essential vitamins your body requires, such as the vitamin E antioxidant, the essential wheat germ and bran, and leaves the fattening starches and poor quality proteins.
    You might as well eat cardboard.
  2. Switch to Skim or 1% Milk. Anything else has more fat in it.. Most children drink a lot of milk, and they are filling themselves up on it. Many mothers have a hard time getting their children to eat food when they’ve had milk all day.
    If you do drink 2% or whole milk you need to watch your fat intake elsewhere in your diet. Otherwise you’ll be overloading on it. It’s easiest to switch milks.
  3. Cut back on the snacks. I know everyone says it, but it’s true. Even the 100 calories packs of cookies are still cheating a healthy diet. It’s still a cookie. It still has sugars and cholesterol in it. Same for potato chips, you don’t need those! They have way too much saturated fat and sodium in them.
  4. Stop drinking soda. This is a big one. Its empty calories! Of course you can have one every now and then but most Americans drink WAY too much soda pop. (Ignore the alcohol in my fridge that sits there for months before being opened lol.)
    To elaborate how much soda can cause weight gain I’ll give you some stats My husband used to drink 6 cans or more of soda a day and moderately exercise. He got up to 180lbs and 22% body fat. When he quit drinking it and started exercising more he dropped to 165lbs and 9% body fat. It makes a huge difference!
  5. Leaner meat. When you buy your meat from the store check the label. Try and buy the leaner beef. Also chicken and fish are a great way to lower your fat intake and give some more variety to your weekly menu.
  6. Calcium-Rich Foods. Calcium promotes fat loss. So eat foods such as yogurt, milk, low-fat nonprocessed cheeses.
  7. Eat more often. This is probably the easiest and biggest change you can make. Your body isn’t made to eat only 2 or 3 times a day. When you eat like this you eat more in one sitting, and your body cannot process it all. So it stores it as fat. Try eating smaller portions five to six times a day.
    What I occasionally do is just split my meal in half, then put one half in the fridge and eat it two hours later.

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