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Q and A: Should I Vary My Intake?

Posted Nov 03 2009 10:00pm

I have a question/want your opinion. I eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and snack everyday. I do different workouts each night (cardio/strength training). I would like to lose a few pounds but I am at a steady weight. Do you think that eating the same thing everday has some sort of affect on the body? Should you change up what you eat? It doesn’t bother me (I actually enjoy it), but what do you think?
Thanks so much!
p.s. I love your blog! So informative!

I’m not a nutritionist but I did a ton of research and was not able to find anywhere that says eating the same foods is bad, as long as the foods you are eating are healthy, and you are getting enough calories. A well balanced diet is important, so if any of those foods you eat everyday are deficient in any nutrients, you’re diet is going to be completely lacking in that area. If you are nervous about that, consider varying your intake, or as long as it is safe for you, take a daily multivitamin.

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