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Q and A: Running Tips

Posted Jun 13 2009 10:09pm

I want to start running, i’m done with the gym!! but i don’t know how….any encouraging words, tips, recommendations? I just moved to a new city, and i’m living one block from the beach, so i thought it would be super nice to run there. I would like to run in the mornings, but i love my bed too much to do so…maybe when i get addicted i will run in the AM.

For know i’m gathering all the info, technics, tips, etc, to get started. I’m a bit cerebral as you can see.

anyway, i hope you can advice me…on how to get started and what cross exercise i could do (that don’t require gym).

thank you veeery much

Jael Lambeth (from Chile)

Oooh Chile! Exciting!

I’m leaving this one for the readers to answer. Ya’ll know I’m not a runner, so I can’t give the same impassioned answer you pavement pounders can. I will give the canned “trainer” response of starting slow, alternating running and walking and slowly over time increase the intervals of running and shortening the ones for walking. Also, Couch to a 5k is a site everyone swears by for very beginners. That’s my contribution.

So guys- share your running advice with Jael. What’s the one thing you learned about running you think Jael should know? Anything from picking shoes, to rest days, to stretching, and pace.

This is your chance to mold a new runner. Jael is your clay, sculpt her.

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