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Q and A: Foot Pain

Posted Oct 01 2009 10:05pm

Hi Kelly,

But I have a LOT of pain in my feet, mostly in the pads and arches, and probably from working out/being on my feet so much.

Do you know anything about what this could be or what to do for my feet? I already went to a specialist shoe store and got good arch-support shoes and insoles, which helped some but didn’t take it all away (especially because then I started being more active).

Any suggestions?


This one is easy and hard. Easy because you know what is causing it, but hard because Im not going to be able to tell you what it is- but I can give you some possibilities.

Without knowing your workout routine, I am going to assume you are doing impact (walking, running, lunges, jumps, squats or anything where there is pounding on your feet.) I like to think of impact exercises like taking a hammer and hitting yourself on the bottom of the foot over and over again. That’s going to cause some pain.

Some people are susceptible to foot pain, and some aren’t, so if your feet dont hurt- its not a gauge of how hard you work out or anything, just be thankful.

There are a lot of possibilities, some minor, some major, so to know for sure, you are going to have to see a doctor.

Arch pain could be a tightness of tendons or calf muscles, so stretching after you workout will help a lot of that. You can also use a roller to work out the kinks. I had arch pain for about 2 weeks, so I rolled it on a rolling pin (which hurt really bad, but thats how i knew it was working) and stretched my calves more than usual. It might also be insufficient support, but if you got your stuff checked out at the shoe place i would bet on tightness.

Foot pain can be even more things. Sometimes your body just gets mad at you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it- chalk it up to your feet being tired. Your shoes could also be too small which crams your feet into your shoes so they dont move naturally.

More seriously, you could have stress fractures, which is where you get tiny cracks in the most superficial part of your bone, which only rest and calcium can fix. There is another thing called plantar fasciitis which is swelling in the soft bottom part of your foot- usually the heel, but sometimes the ball. Its usually worse in the morning and will decrease as you use your foot more through out the day. The treatment for that ranges anywhere from anti-inflammatories to surgery, which only your doctor can tell you.

I’d rest up and take it easy, maybe ice a bit and stretch and see if it decreases. If not, then head to the doctor.

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