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Put Your Money Where Your Foot Is!

Posted Sep 20 2009 6:07pm

$20 off @ DSW Been a while since the SAT word association drills, but see if you can figure this one out:


Tire : Car          Shoe : ???


Foot. Yes! You aren't just a dumb jock!


As bi-peds our feet are the only part that consistently comes in contact with the ground. Lacing up the proper training shoes is key to getting the results you obviously keep me around for. Like the tires on a car, ill-fitting or worn out tread and internal support can result in slips and skids, as well as unnecessary joint impact to the ankles, knees and hips with every step.   I've hassled a few clients to get some new kicks recently, but wanted to share with you all the promo code: TWENTY99 for $20 off at DSW online. Sorry for limited notice, offer expires tomorrow, but double rewards points are good thru Sept 28.


DSW’s got a pretty awesome selection of fitness shoes, both in-store and especially online. Watch for changing promo codes on the site, but shipping is consistently free for orders over $35. In contrast to many rewards programs, DSW's is worth enrolling in as you get $10 coupons for every 1000 points ($100 spent), and in the case of double points...well, you're smart cookies who can tabulate a food and exercise do the math.


Please let me know if you need any help selecting a good shoe. I've been a huge fan of New Balance for clients with normal to wide feet. (I recommend Brooks or Mizunos for more narrow feet). NB's running shoes are light, but far sturdier than Nike and Addidas, offering durability more like an all-around cross-trainer without limiting range of motion. And finally, somebody's making women's atheletic shoes in dark colors! The WT460's I ordered a few weeks ago have been treating me famously mile after mile and are still on the site for $55!


Hope you find these tips and savings helpful. I will continue to note additional fitness and health-oriented content from time to time. Feel free to comment, forward to a friends, etc. You may also visit my blog at

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