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Pushpita, Hot Mamacita!

Posted Aug 26 2012 10:03pm

Today I want to share the story of my client Pushpita. She was feeling too heavy for her 5’5’’ frame. On 2/21/12, she was sitting at 167 lbs (with very little of those pounds being lean muscle mass). She also did a 12 second plank  = x

She had a daughter aged 13 months and had gained a lot of weight POST pregnancy. DURING pregnancy, she had developed gestational diabetes, so she changed her eating habits and did a ton of walking. Once her daughter’s birth was behind her, she stopped exercising and ate irregular and unhealthy meals.

We began s-l-o-w-l-y; beginning at the minimum effective “dose.” I created a meal plan for her and I was impressed by her immediate adherence to the diet. That, in addition to twice a week training with me, was all it took for her to start dropping the fat week by week.

Now, in less than six months, she has DROPPED a considerable amount of fat, and gained muscle! She went from having VERY little strength/form to doing proper lunges, ***70 second*** plank, 15 pound single dumbbell rows, 45 lb RDL’s, and more.

This is while she is losing 35 pounds! She is now maintaining at 132 pounds. She went from a size LARGE to a size SMALL & X-SMALL! This is unprecedented for her, and I am so proud! Here are before and after pics. Go Pushpita! Go on with yo bad self!





Pushpita’s words:

I had become pretty used to being over-weight; to an extent, I had gotten comfortable fitting between sizes 12-14.

One day it dawned upon my husband and I, that at the ages of 34 and with a 13 month old, if not for any other reason, we had to get fit for our baby!

Frankly, I was very reluctant to get professional help as I thought losing 30-40 pounds only happened on TV. However, I am glad I found Kristina; she made it seem easy and attainable. The best part was that, she divided my weight loss goal into small attainable targets, which were practical and doable! Well, it wasn’t a cakewalk, but it definitely helped to see that my trainer believed in me and always pushed me that extra-bit without being over-bearing!

With the right balance in dietary guidance and physical training provided by Kristina, today, I weigh 35 pounds less, and measure between sizes 4-6, in approximately 5 months! I feel lighter, fitter and most importantly, happier!

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