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Pushing, Pulling and Sprinting for Fat Loss and an Athletic Physique

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:00pm
Saturday mornings are a great day to take your time with a training and really address your weaknesses. My biggest weakness is mobility so I started today's session with about 20 minutes of foam rolling and mobility drills. You need to be able to move well before you can add resistance to movements or else you will invite injury down the line. Figure out what your weakness is and work the hell out of it. By bringing up your weakness your total performance will be enhanced.
After spending some quality time improving my mobility I went outside to train in the sun and fresh air. I love training at the local park because no one ever uses it and it has become my private gym! The purpose of this training was to pump up my upper body muscles and elevate my metabolism. To do this at the park I did a circuit of upper body movements such as pull-ups, dips, and used my blast straps from for planks, rows and push-ups. I did 4 sets of 10 reps of this circuit to really get the blood flowing through my muscles. This was not meant to be an intense training session as this week I have done an upper body max effort session, a lower body max effort session, an upper body hypertrophy session and a lower body hypertrophy session. So in effect this was a mini-workout.

After the upper body circuit training session, I hit the field to run a bunch of sprints. If you want to burn fat and have a real athletic physique then sprinting is the ticket for you. In fact, if all you care about is being lean and hard I would recommend nothing but sprints, kettlebell drills and some body weight drills. Lifting weights is great, but not necessary for a lean and mean physique. Anyways, I ran about 20 sprints to really get the heart rate up and force my body into oxygen debt. I never sprint from a static position, nor should most people, I always use a flying start to prevent snapping a hamstring on the take off.

So, if you want to burn some fat, build some muscle and get some fresh air hit the park for resistance training and run some sprints afterwards. If you don't have a decent playground around to use, bring your kettlebells to a field and lift and sprint, you will be amazed how lean you become doing this regularly.

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