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Pump it Up And Rock On

Posted by Julie M.

Ever since I bought my trusty Ipod Nano, I’ve enjoyed the cardio portion of my gym workouts so much more! I used to read while on the Stairmaster or elliptical trainer, and I would find my mind wandering, or I would watch the clock, waiting to stop. Now I just pick songs with a great beat and sweat along to my favorites—and the time flies. It turns out when you listen to music while you work out, you’ll automatically go further or exercise harder than you would without tunes. And, as I’ve discovered, it won’t feel so hard. In a study, men rode their exercise bikes farther and reported less effort in doing so while listening to music. It may be that music acts as a distraction, or it might just be a mood booster that takes your mind off your tired muscles, possibly even relieving pain. Either way, it works for a lot of people: why do you think they blast that music during any group exercise class? Rock on!
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You're on the 'money' when you state that music is a great motivator. There has actually been research done by Dr. Len Kravitz at New Mexico State University to validate everything you've said. Not only has music been a foundation of group exercise since the 80's, but it has also been so in the general gym, as well. Just look around at how many bopping heads and grooving to the beats in their headphones. Turn up the tunes and 'jam away'.
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