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Puffy Eyes? A Natural Cure That Works!

Posted Apr 08 2010 11:46am
Humans share a very important survival trait with camels – a trait that causes a lot of us to suffer from puffy eyes and dark under eye circles Try all you might to get rid of your puffy eyes/dark under eye circles, but until you learn and apply this information, you are spinning your wheels. The secret?

The one trait camels unfortunately share with humans is – water retention. You see, when the body is dehydrated, it functions like a camel’s hump; storing water for the long trip across the desert. But instead of getting a camel’s hump, you’ll develop water reserves around your eyes, which can be seen as puffy eyes/dark under eye circles. In addition to storing water, toxins can also form under your eyes if you don’t drink enough water (that’s why you look slightly puffy eyed if you’ve been drinking the night before, as alcohol dehydrates).

As time goes by, without your body receiving enough water, your eyes will start getting that “old” look. The solution? Keep yourself hydrated – drink water! As you do, your body doesn’t enter survival mode and won’t puff/darken up under your eyes. For a significant improvement in your skin, drink 8 or more 10-ounce glasses of water every day. It sounds easy – almost too good to be true; drink water and dramatically reduce puffy eyes/dark under eye circles – but it does work wonders. The thing is, most people aren’t disciplined enough to do this, so they never reap the great benefits it offers.

They start off strong, but as the days and weeks go by, their dehydrating habits return, along with their puffy eyes/dark under eye circles. A wonderful solution is to use what I call rubberbanding. You buy a pack of rubber bands and a 20-ounce (standard size) water bottle at any grocery store. Every time you finish a bottle, wrap one rubber band around the empty bottle. Now fill it up again and repeat until your bottle has 4 rubber bands on it.

That way, you’ll know that you have consumed exactly eight 10-ounce glasses of water in a day. The con? The bathroom will see a lot more of you:-). The pro? The person looking back at you in that bathroom mirror will be smiling a lot wider, as your puffy eyes/dark under eye circles start fading as the weeks go by. Click: puffy eyes for more of Tommy’s recommendations to significantly decrease puffy eyes and dark under eye circles.

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