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Proven Cellulite Reduction Solutions

Posted Jul 29 2008 9:02am 1 Comment
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Cellulitereduction can be achieved by an appropriate diet and frequent exercise but not everyone is made equal. There are many different circumstances as to why so many women are plagued with cellulite and why they are not able to get rid of it. But there are natural and proven aids to help reduce cellulite and in some cases clear it up for always.

Caffeine Extract Reduces Cellulite

Caffeine works as a stimulant as well as a vasodilator, which relaxes the smooth muscle in blood vessels causing them to dilate, stimulating the breakdown of fat cells and widening the blood vessels in the area and as such caffeine stimulates the circulation and blood flow, which helps remove toxins, fat and excess fluids. When blood is allowed to move into the region the naturalmetabolicpathways of the body are stimulated and burn more fat naturally. Caffeine also inhibitsphosphodiesterase.

The phosphodiesterase are enzymes that are responsible for breaking downcyclic AMP, which deprives the body of energy. By preventing the phospodiesterases from breaking down the cyclic AMP the energy is used efficiently. Oral use of caffeine is preferred as its effects will be localized and concentrated.

Green Tea Extracts Reduce CelluliteCellulite Reduction

Green tea is known for it’s medical properties and while the Asian cultures have been using it for centuries, only during the past decades has it caught the attention of western researchers and doctors and has gained wide appeal since.

Green Tea has detoxifying and fat burning properties, where the secret to this lies in the high concentrations ofcatechin polyphenols. These are compounds that work with other chemicals in the body to intensify fat oxidation and prevent of fat storage.

Green tea helps therefore to burn more of the fat reserves in the human body - decreasing the appearance of cellulite, as well as preventing further storage of new fats.

Revitol Cellulite Creamcontains a high concentration of natural Green Tea extract, which safely increases the stimulation of fat breakdown and thanks to the concentrated state of this ingredient, the product has more permanent effects. Read more in depth aboutCaffeine and Green Tea Extractsto help solve your cellulite problem.

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