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Preparing for a Strongman contest with the help of Paul Vaillaincourt

Posted May 18 2010 12:00am
Another beautiful day in Calgary. The sun was shining until late this afternoon, making it a great day to get outside and catch some rays. As usual I started my day with a huge breakfast, hit the stairs for morning cardio, then did some of that work stuff until it was time for my afternoon strength training session. Here is what I did:

    • 8 times up my 7.5 story building
    • 1 step at a time for the first 2 times up
    • 2 steps at a time for the remaining
  • push-pull combo, 10 sets
    • clean and press, working up to a hard 5 rep set
    • 1 rep short of failure, changing the grip each set
  • push-pull combo, 4 sets
    • body weight dips x 20 reps
    • cable rows x 20 reps
  • biceps
    • , 4 x 10
The idea of this workout was to improve my pressing strength and then put some size on my upper body. The second combo/pairing was done for really high reps as you can see. The bulk of my training is done for 5 reps or less so every now and then I think it makes to really push the reps up and cause a lot of blood flow to the muscles.Man, I just love having the time to train a day. Anyways, time for some home made lamb burgers with sweet potato fries!

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