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Powerful Muscle Building Secrets...

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:28pm

Powerful Muscle Building Secrets Revealed on Thursday

Due to the complete repackaging of how the Muscle Bible is going

to sold which will allow more dedicated people to get

in on this ultra-secretive,super-powerful, "change your body faster

then Michael Jackson's next face surgery" muscle building program

it will not go on sale on Monday but on Thursday January 31st at


How is the Muscle Bible different from any fitness audio ever

done before?

1) I've made it substantial easier for you to achieve success

with this program. All too often expert fitness audio products

throw 12 audios at you and leave you on your own.

On Thursday January 31st, you are going to find out the brand

new way that I personally am going to guide you" by the hand"

through each audio to ensure your muscle building success.

2) Most fitness audios confuse you with multiple experts that

talk about the same topics. Not here, each topic is unique and

there are no crossover topics discussed

3) It's affordable for all. I know what it's like to be a college

kid or someone who is just getting started or just someone who is

really dedicated but can't drop $100 on a audio product. That's why

the Muscle Bible is being repackaged to allow everyone to get

their hands on it

For the cost of a 5 pound jug of whey protein powder, you can

get your hands on the Muscle Bible.

Want a free copy?


Figure Champion Loves The Muscle Bible

"I was little worried when I first heard about your product.

I thought that while I could learn, I wanted something that was

immediately usable. Needless to say I was shocked when

I listened to this tremendous program that really flys

in the face of popular muscle building information

and gives anyone who listens the solution to a better body"

-Sonya Brenton, Montreal, QC

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