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Pose of the Week- Warrior I

Posted May 02 2009 10:01pm


The last week in April we did several Warrior I poses.

Alignment Tips:

Feet/Legs: The goal is to have both feet facing forward.  Keeping that in mind, let’s talk about the front leg  That is the leg that has the bent knee.  You should be able to look over the knee and see your big toe.  Notice how the knee is in line with the ankle.  It is not bending/extending past the ankle.  Your hips should be squarely aligned to the front.  (facing in the same directions as your front toes) Moving on to discuss the back leg.  The back heel should form an imaginary straight line from the front heel.  In possible, have the back heel on the mat.  If your heel doesn’t want to lay flat on the mat.  Try shortening your stance.

Arms: Your arms are overhead.  Think about protecting your ears with your arms.  Palms are facing toward each other.  Your gaze should be straight ahead.

Feel strong in this pose.  After all it is called Warrior I.  As your back foot remains grounded into the floor,  feel your spine lengthen when your hands are lifting up to the sky.

Pose Benefits:

This is a standing pose so not only does the pose benefit you as a stretching pose, but it aslo is a strengthening pose.   Good for the hips, thighs, calves and ankles, shoulders, arms and back, plus your abs, chest and neck.

Sequence Suggestions:


Warrior I


Warrior I

Warrior II

Reverse Warrior II

Side Angle


Warrior II

Warrior I


Repeat with the opposite leg forward.  Holding each pose for a minimum of 3 breaths.

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