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Pose of the Week – - Legs up the Wall

Posted May 15 2009 10:01pm

Legs up the Wall pose is a restorative pose.  You can relax and enjoy this pose.

Alignment Tips:

Lay on your mat, lift both legs up to the sky.  Just like there was an imaginary wall.  Relax your shoulders and keep your gaze upward.  To increase the relaxation of this pose, find a wall and place your bottom close to the wall with your knees bent into your chest.  Lift your legs, resting on the wall and flex your toes toward you.  Adding a towel under your bottom will further increase the enjoyment of the pose.  In fact, I like to do a simple version of this pose on the sofa when I am watching TV.

Pose Benefits:


Relieves swollen or cramped legs

Gentle stretch

Sequence Suggestions:

This pose can be done right before final relaxation.

legs up wall pike

Legs up the wall as ab work

Alignment Tips:

Lay your back on your mat and lift your legs up pointing your toes.  You can choose to lift your arms straight up as in the picture, or you can place your hand behind your head to support your neck.  Lift your head and chest off the mat.  Crunching upward toward the ceiling.


You may feel the burn in your abs withing 10-20 crunches.

Sequence Suggestions:

This is used in our ab work section of yoga.  In yoga it is very important to have a strong core.  That is why each 60 minute class I teach we focus on your core.

You can do  legs up the wall crunch 10 – 20 times, repeating 3 times.

Variations of the pose would include:

1.  lowering the legs down about 45 degrees and crunching

2.  lowering the legs to hover over the mat and then bring them up the wall again.

3. scissoring your legs to each side (Right/Left)

4. while your legs are up the wall, spreading your legs slightly apart and circling your legs.

Take note to listen to your lower back.  It is always better to do less than more and if this pose, when used as ab work, does not feel good to your back-STOP.

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