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Poll Revealed - Tipping The Scales

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm

Poll Results
'How often do you weigh yourself?'

26% Daily
41% Weekly

17% Monthly
5% Yearly
8% Never

Poll Revealed

I personally don't like the scale because it tellstotal weight, but not the total story. A scale can't tell the difference between a 200 lb. couch potato and a 200 lb. professional football player. For most of us, pairing our total weight with an estimation of our body % phat or body circumference measurements would be recommended to find out what that total weight is really made up of!

Couple quick notes on the scale:
  • Best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning (plus you are at your lightest)

  • When ever you weight yourself keep it as consistent as possible with the situation (eating, clothing, exercise, hydration, etc.) of your last weigh-in.

  • Females should not only consider time of day when stepping on the scale, but also the time of the month.

  • Weight loss should only be measured after a workout to determine how much water you need to drink to rehydrate. (16 ounces for every pound lost)Do not think this is your true weight.

  • I have my clients weigh-in every month, but I am in support of weekly weighing too. You can see a more significant weight loss when waiting a month rather than a week to weigh yourself, which can one's increase motivation. With the fluctuations of weight being the norm, an slight increase in weight one week can cause a decreased motivational drive.
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