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Poll Revealed - Happy Hour

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm
From results of last week's poll of:

How Many Times Do You Go To Happy Hour Each Week?

I have come to one simple conclusion...
my readers are geeks!

0 - 73%
1 to 2 - 17%
3 to 4 - 8%
5 to 6 - 0%

And that's just the way I like it because you are all going to the gym after work, right? Well, at least that's what your mother and I think.

In my 21 years on this earth (okay fine, 23) I have only been to 1 happy hour, count 'em - one! That has to be some kind of anti-social record in my defense personal trainers are busiest while the rest of the world is not working. I consider an evening session with me a 'happy hour'. My clients might argue the 'happy' part and my ex-girlfriends might argue about the 'hour' part.

True I am no pro when it comes to the ways of the happy hour, but I have a couple thoughts I wanted to share:

Keep It Happy, Not Elated

Don't get too happy tonight because drinking will impair your workout tomorrow. Dehydration is up and good sleep goes down. And how could you forget your typical 'Happy Weekend' that is rapidly approaching?

It's Hour, Not Hours

Happy hour is between 4-7pm. Arrive late (make 'em think you're hard at work) and leave early (make 'em think you're responsible), and certainly don't let your 'hour' run into the 'midnight hour' or you'll be the one with hours of cardio ahead of you!

Lower Price = More Drinking

When the normal bill is $6 for a beer and $10 for a martini, we go crazy over $2-4 dollars drinks! We have to stock up like its going out of style. We order more than we know we should because the price temptation is too much.

Happy Hour Food

4-7 pm is also dinner time, so you are hungry and tired after work. No problem, the bar or establishment you are at has your quick and easy answer. Cheap bar food! Be careful because you will never see 1/2 priced skinless grilled chicken breast salad, 1/2 priced baked salmon, or 1/2 priced tofu stir fry on the menu. Grab a bottle of water and quick meal before you meet up with the group.

Avoid Awkward Co-worker/Supervisor Moments

I know you have the need to 'relax', but don't relax too much. Keeping your drink count low can lower the risk for awkward, embarrassing, potential career ending, or 'you promised this wouldn't get weird' moments too.

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