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PLAYout at the playground: pull-ups.

Posted Apr 15 2013 4:00am
we save this 'brella for sunny days.

we save this ‘brella for sunny days.

The other morning a mom at the Tornado’s school remarked how fit I look.  

She then continued on to say: You must workout all the time.

(Aside: You’d be proud.  I spared her my whole CONSISTENCY rant *and* yammers about how LIFE IS MY SPORT .  Ive noticed people’s eyes tend to glaze over so Im reigning it in these days.  Go me!)

In the moment where I paused & considered  how to respond the Tornado answered for me:

She doesnt workout— she PLAYSout!

  • I smiled (the woman looked perplexed).
  • I paused for applause took a moment to bask in the glow of the fact she GETS exercise can be fun (the mom seized that moment tom give a small wave and beat a hasty retreat)
  • I made a mental note to ‘reward’ her with playground time afterschool (the plan had been to tackle homework *only* that night)

After school it was drizzling.

After school I snagged an umbrella, walked to pick her up and announced we were staying to play(out) *anyway.*

Happy SCHOOLS OUT! Mama.

Happy SCHOOLS OUT! Mama.

To my delight the below is what transpired.

Pulling upward.

All her idea.

A *HUGE* weak point of mine & all worked in the name of PLAY and FUN.

Some days motherhood feels easy and rocks.

I give you the short version (100% because I was too busying living not blogging to take any other photos):

She explained what we were doing.

She explained what we were doing.


she demo'ed I watched.

she demo’ed I watched.


I went. She critiqued.

I went. She critiqued.


I struggled. She cheered me on.

I struggled. She cheered me on.

I could proffer a grown-up post with specific “working up to your first full pull-up” tips (focus on back exercises in the gym, practice with body rows , segue to assisted pull-ups/negatives) but my point today is to encourage you to just get out there and try!

Whether you have a child or not—make time to find yourself a playground, get PLAYful and give pull-ups a shot.

What do you think?

  • Are you in to pull-upward on the next horizontal bar you encounter?
  • Do you, too, still love playing in the rain?




If youre longing for a more serious guide to pull-ups check out this post over on BonnieLangFitness.   Bonnie rocks.  And not *just* in the arena of pulling upward. 

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