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plantar facaitiis will it ever go away

Posted by clarence mason Facebook

i have severe pain when i put my heel on the floor due to plantar facaitaiis  for going on almost 6 years now the only  that remotely helps is vicodin for a temporary relief any suggestions?

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To treat or prevent plantar fasciitis, it is important that you have supportive, cushioned shoes. You can buy inserts for shoes to improve support and cushioning. In severe cases, physical therapy and orthotics may be necessary, but in most cases, complete recovery is possible simply with better foot support, rest, ice, and, sometimes, a short course of anti-inflammatories.

 You can also do  stretching exercises at home to speed resolution and prevent recurrence. To stretch and strengthen the area, sit in a chair with your affected foot crossed over the other leg, so your ankle is resting on your knee. Grab your toes and bend them up toward your shin. This will stretch the plantar to help relieve some of the pain. 

 Stretching can be one of the most effective tools if you do it several times a day.

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