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Plant Protein VS. Animal Protein

Posted Jul 19 2012 12:00am

pea protein Animal Protein
I eat protein with every meal. Now, is all that protein plant based? No! I eat meat, mostly chicken, tuna and salmon, but that’s the truth of the matter. I like eating meat, I find it delicious, I’ll say it, I’m not afraid of admitting that. I find that I already don’t get to enjoy the finer things in life because of my dairy free diet so I LIKE MEAT. It’s kind of a treat. That being said when I work out I drink a plant based protein, remember last week I couldn’t shut up about it? My non-dairy free friends always say, “Your muscles don’t absorb plant protein as easily as whey.” To them I say, not true!

FUN FACTS-Pro Plant Protein:

*Kidneys process uric acid, which comes from animal proteins, hence kidney stones, which come from too much uric aka too much animal protein.

*Amino acids are what muscles are built on and Spinach has ALL the amino acids necessary for protein absorption.


Pro Animal Proteins:

*Animal proteins are always complete proteins because they have all the necessary amino acids while in plant proteins it that only sources that have complete protein are spinach(told ya), soybeans, and quinoa.

*Meat tastes better.

The end.

Honestly to each his own. There are pros and cons to everything. If we wanted to get really technical I have friends that are huge Paleo dieters and they think protein consumption is based on your blood type. That’s for a later post. It’s called moderation. Now as far as what’s easily absorbed…just make sure to eat a balanced meal. Eat protein, eat carbs and eat some grains, eat some nuts, eat something of everything IF you’re not allergic!

Happy Protein Eating,

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