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Planes of Motion

Posted Oct 27 2009 11:01pm

My fault, guys!

I realized that I talked about Planes of Motion in yesterday's blog, but did not tell you what or where they are.

Bad, Lance, bad.

So today I just wanted to write a little post on our Planes of Motion...

There are 3 Planes of Motion our bodies go through:

1. Sagital
2. Coronal (also known as Frontal)
3. Transverse

These Planes also divide the body in specific ways:

Sagital - Right and Left
Coronal - Front and Back
Transverse - Top and Bottom

Imagine these imaginary planes as panes of glass. A movement will belong in a particular plane of motion if it does not hit the glass or as the limb moves parallel to the glass - not through it.

Let me ask a couple questions to check to see if you got it.

What plane of motion would... the leg of a karate student going through as they forward kick? the arm of a tennis player going through as they perform a forehand hit? the arms and legs going through of a person doing jumping jacks?

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