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Physique Formula Coaching Group ...

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:01pm

Physique Formula Coaching Group

I've been flooded with emails from people asking me how they can join the Physique Formula Players Club.

It's simple, you can't

Unless you've purchased the Muscle Bible ( it will cost you $79 plus $19.99 just to join.

Look at all of the amazing featured that my current coaching group members gets every month for just $19.99 (which you can cancel at anytime)

1) A new Muscle Bible Audio interview

Each month I'm going to pick the brain of some of the top names

in the field. This month feature Nick Nillson and his muscle

explosion methods.

2) Transcript of each interview.

If you prefer reading then this is for you or you can just follow

along as you listen.

3) Monthly article reviews

In a no.B.S. hardcore fashion, I'm going to tell you which

articles rocked and which ones you shouldn't waste your time on

from the top fitness sites on the internet.

4)Monthly supplement reviews

I'll break down some of the more popular supplements and tell you

what the research says and what I think. Stop wasting your money

on supplements that don't work.

5) Monthly program

This isn't just some program I threw together at the last minute.

This is going to be a monthly program that flows like fine wine

each and every month to make sure you keep growing.

6) Open call in days

You'll get the chance to personally call me

one day bi-monthly and ask me everything and anything you want to

know. Talk to me for 5 minutes or 55 minutes, ask anything,

no-hold barred style.

7) Free webinars

This is a tri-monthly feature that you get absolutely free but

everyone else pays for. I'll be bringing you the latest finding

in fitness, nutrition and health every three months in a

presentation. You get the slides and you can call in and listen

and it won't cost you a thing to hear how you can look better

while you sit on the couch in your boxers.

8)Expert discount offers

I'm lucky enough to be friends with the top names in the fitness

industry and from time to time I am going to twist their arms

to give you discounts on supplements and products.

9) My "aha" moment of the month

Yep, I'm still learning everyday and I'll let you in on my

"aha" moment every month.

All for $19.99 per month? Well I did get kneed in the head

during my basketball game last night.

Train Hard


P.S. You can only get in through the Muscle Bible ( ). Honestly, how cheap is the $47 you'd pay to hear John Berardi, Paul Chek, Scott Abel, Anthony Roberts and Chad Waterbury tell you how to build muscle and drop fat?

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