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Physical therapy takes time, eff...

Posted Sep 28 2008 9:16pm

Physical therapy takes time, effort and dedication from both the patient and the physical therapist.

Rising Health Costs Create Problems

Insurance companies are in a constant battle to limit costs while at the same time provide payment for reasonable services for the patient (if coverages are in place).

Who wins? Certainly not the patient. As payment for services are cut, both the physical therapist and the patient must become inventive in order to address the issue of how to ensure a patient’s full recovery (if that is possible).

One Option - Physical Therapy at Home

It would be great if the physical therapist could get his patients to properly exercise at home as a means to supplement prescribed therapy visits. But the logistics of creating a such a program boggles the mind. And that’s just for one patient. How would you deal with the wide variety of patients, exercises and issues that would have to be addressed?

HomePrograms.Net has the Answer

Kevin Rausch of HomePrograms.Net, has seen these and other issues that physical therapists must deal with and has come up with a 21 st century solution. Basically, his solution is an internet based service, provided for both physical therapists and patients, that uses state of the art technology to deliver to the patient, at home, a specific therapy regimen as dictated by their physical therapist.

If you are a physical therapist, then it is worth your time to visit the web site and find out how you and your patients can benefit from the services that are provided.

If you are a patient, then take a look and then mention it to your therapist.

Basically, I think it’s a WIN/WIN situation for everybody!

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