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Physical Education Classes Open to Facuty and Staff

Posted by Eric S.

Did you know that the majority of Physical Education Classes are open to Faculty and Staff for only $50 per quarter on a space available basis? The only classes that cost more are Fencing, $60 and Golf, $200.
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It would be great if teachers took advantage of that. I'm thinking not only from the standpoint of the teachers and good health but from the students' point of view. If teachers got right in there and played with the students, they'd not only be setting a good example but they could help to lessen bullying (there was a lot of it in gym class at the schools I attended.) With a teacher playing right in the midst of the team, students would be less likely to demean less athletic players. That way, everyone (and not just the athletic few) could enjoy and benefit from gym class! This would be great especially in early high school classes, as there's only one gym class required in (our) high school. It could encourage less athletic students to take more gym classes than they likely would have.
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