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Photographer to the stars' says get fit the old fashioned way.

Posted by Tamar F.

Tony Beazley, photographer to the stars and models, such as the band Lynyrd Skynyrd, feels you should get fit the old-fashioned way:

"I've been working out at at the gym for 25 years. Sure, I have skipped a week here and there. But there's nothing like being in shape, fit and feeling good.

I've read all the muscle mags and watched all the Body Shaping shows for the last 20 years. And from my own personal fitness and those shows I've realized you don't need steroids to be big. When I was 20 I did take steroids, a rather harsh one which was Danabol. I wish I had never done that, as I have health complications now later in life. As long as you work out right and have a good balanced food intake and drink plenty of water and take highend vitamin supplements(amino acids) you can get just as big and with no health side effects."

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Thanks for the info. I hate to see young men and women permanently damage their health because they are seeking an artificial ideal.
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