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Personal Trainers Reduce Their Client’s Risk of Injury During Workouts

Posted Jan 02 2011 2:58am

Personal trainers in NYC assist their clients in many ways. Inventing new workout routines, suggesting dietary changes, and offering advice on fitness equipment, are all in a days work for a personal trainer. The most important work of a trainer though is preventing sports injuries in the gym.


Warm up First


All NYC personal trainers city-wide will insist that their clients do a round of stretches before beginning exercise. More than any other practice warm up stretches will prevent injury. Loosening up muscles, freeing up stiff joints and stretching those tendons, it prepares the body for heavy lifting, as well as a good cardio workout. Without warm up, it is very easy to get muscle strain or sprain those cold tendons.


Doing the Exercises Correctly


A good personal trainer credentialed will instruct clients in the proper way to do each exercise and point out when their clients do these exercises the wrong way. Any fitness professional has been trained to correct the client when they sling weights too fast or use the wrong muscle group. Exercising at home alone gives no feedback on whether the exercise was performed correctly.


Novice weight training without a personal trainer NYC, can increase the risk of injury, simply because beginning lifters do not know the proper form, or do not understand the principles of weight lifting technique. Moving a weight quickly, without control can cause serious injuries. Using the wrong muscle group to move a weight can cause damage to the back, which usually catches the brunt of weight lifting mistakes.




When working with heavy weights, a weight lifter needs a spotter in case for some reason their muscles and co-ordination fail them. If this happens the spotter simply holds the weight and prevents it from falling on the lifter. Dropping the barbell during a heavy bench press could be very painful if not fatal. It is always necessary to have a spotter when doing bench press, even if the spotter is not a trained professional and the lifter is.


Cooling Down After a Workout


Personal Trainers NYC know that cooling down after a workout is often beneficial to prevent injury and sore muscles the next day. Further rushing out of the gym with hot pumped muscles on a cold day can not only exacerbate soreness, it can also cause illness. A good workout starts gradually with stretches and stops gradually with cool down exercises, followed by a warm shower, and a change of clothing to prevent going out into the weather when overheated.

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