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Personal Trainers Help Fulfill New Year's Resolutions

Posted Dec 22 2012 11:43pm

December is a time when most people start winding down at work and start thinking about the holidays.  In order to get the most out of the vacation and family time, people plan out how they will spend their time.  Simultaneously, the procrastination period begins for making New Year's Resolutions.  Approximately 80% of these resolutions are health and fitness related and 92% of them will end unsuccessfully.  Rather than trying to do it alone and failing, enlist the services of a personal trainer and greatly increase your chances of achieving your goal.

For many people, the personal trainer also takes in the role of a bartender.  This is important at the start of one's resolution journey.  They need a sounding board, someone who will listen to their problems.  This first step helps you verbalize what you want to accomplish, so you can begin to put together a fitness plan.

This is where New York City personal trainers with great listening skills can be worth their weight in gold.  By telling them what you want, they are able to formulate a plan to help you get there.  They will understand the goals you come right out and say, as well as those you infer.  Then, they will take all of this information into account and give each goal a certain priority level as they develop your plan.

Finally, comes the time when you officially take charge of achieving your goals.  The time for talking is over.  Your NYC personal trainer will help you execute the plan.  They will be with you during sessions, teaching you the routine, pushing you through each repetition and set, challenging you at every opportunity.  You will start to see changes over the first few weeks, but you will really start to see your goals come into focus after a few months.  Plus, with every increment of accomplishment, there will be a need for adjustments to your program.  YourNYC personal trainershould be very attuned to this and make the proper tweaks.  These are the instances where their knowledge is so important.  Most people miss the opportunities to challenge themselves like a trainer would.

Whether it is a New Year's Resolution or another source of inspiration, a personal trainer is a super way to increase your chances of success.  No matter what time of year it is,New York City personal trainers want to be a partner in your fitness success.

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