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Personal First Aid Kits: aka self preservation in a pimp hat.

Posted Feb 08 2010 12:00am

yes. it’s a f-f-f-flashback.

And this one goes out to the Jump Start 2010 teleseminar group.

As per our laughter discussions…

Prior to even becoming a momI was a woman obsessed with having first aid kits always at the ready.

I’m not one to go from headache to brain tumor (much anyway)but I’ll admit to seeing accidents everywhere.

Kitchen first aid kit? Check (knivesscissors,can openersbottle openersburns—the list is endless).

Bathroom first aid kit? Check (medicationsrazorswater burnsslip&fallyada yada yada).

Car first aid kit? Check (I’ll spare you a list here.  Just take my word for the fact the possible accident-configurations are endless).

Diaper bag first aid kit? CheckCheckCheck (Please to see all the above potential catastrophes & multiply by the sheer number of places I go).

As a resultit surprised me that it took almostFORTYyears for me to realize that I’d left the most important first aid kit of all undone my personal first aid kit.

Please to enjoy.

Now you.

Your assignment for the weekshould you choose to play along at homeis to create a personal first aid kit of your very own.

Not sure where to start?

(Ill give you a hint: think back to this post.)

Now hit us up in the comments with a couplethree items you know you shall include.

(Ill join you there as Im always trolling for new treats to cram in my overflowing pimp hat.)

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