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Perform Better 2012 Recap

Posted Aug 13 2012 12:53am

WOW!!!! The Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Long Beach, California was AMAZING.

Here is pic of the peeps from Evolution who came to the summit. I look really weird, don’t mind me

SO HAPPY that I decided to participate in this summit.

I have been reluctant to participate in many continuing educational opportunities because I have been concerned about budget, since I am still in graduate school, paying tuition and all. However, Steve at Evolution Trainers told me that out of ALL the CE opportunities out there, I MUST go to this one. Mind you, I had gone a few years ago, but as a member of the Evolution Team and as a more seasoned trainer, it was a completely different experience approaching the information and socialization.

We drove down Thursday and donated to charity to join Coach Dos’ Annual Pub Crawl…

Here is a pic of me and Jamii at one of our stops

Friday I took:

Lee Burton’s lecture and hands-on session on “Tackling Soft Tissue, Mobility, and Flexibility Problems”

Gray Cook’s lecture “Mobility, Motor Control, and Movement”

Christopher Mohr’s lecture “Sorting Through the Confusing World of Nutrition”

Jason Brown’s hands-on “The Next Generation of Partner Training”

They were all EXCELLENT.

Then we watched Tim Wilkins, “fitness comedian” – “Laugh your abs off”- it sounds super cheesy but it was hilarious ;)

Later that night, Evolution hosted a social at Rock Bottom Brewery and it was off the chain.

Saturday the sessions did not really engage me except for MARTIN ROONEY’s.

I took his hands-on session and I must admit that sometimes I can be a little bit lazyballs. But with this session, NO. I gave it my ALL…I WORKED! In other words, he brought out the BEST in me. His energy was contagious. Later on, I attended his lecture and it was the highlight of all the sessions I attended in the summit. I know others were equally touched. His fire radiated, and we were all ignited. His passion was obvious, and his messages were well recieved. He finished off with a story that brought tears to female eyes. Maybe some guys’ eyes too.

At night, Kira and I went to different places and danced. Here is a pic of us earlier in the day

The club atmosphere by the summit was not my favorite, but we made the best of it. One girl puked right next to my feet and I felt a splatter on my feet. I almost took a picture of the puke on the ground for you, dear readers, but maybe next time.

Sunday sessions, again, was not too enthralling, and we hit the road around 11 AM. It was a lonnnnnggg drive home, full of traffic, so it took is like 9.5 hours :(

Oh well, couldn’t have made that long drive with better people! In fact, I feel extremely blessed that everyone I was with was so awesome, smart, fun, and easy going!! The whole Evolution team is amazing, and it was so fun to hang out with other people in the industry in our approximate age group, lifestyle, and that harbor many of the same interests. Couldn’t have asked for better driving patnas, hotel roomies, dinner peeps, educators, etc, etc.

Need to do my laundry and all that exciting stuff before tomorrow, so I’m signing off~



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