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Passion We need to step it up, a...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm

We need to step it up, all of us. I think we over complicate things especially when it comes to training. I’m not talking about the advanced methods or the repeated articles about why people should use full body routines and high intensity aerobics to burn fat and build a better body. No, we will keep saying those things from now until the end of time.
I’m talking about PASSION, how many people really have it when it comes to training? Very few, I know at times when I don’t want to train my passion is lacking. It really is the only thing that can screw up your training. I mean, even if you are doing everything wrong, if you train hard and with passion you are going to get decent results.

Just think about it, all you really need to succeed at anything, anything is passion. It really isn’t hard, have passion for what you do and bust your ass at it. Pay attention to the people you are around, if they aren’t passionate about life or have that special kind of energy, do you really need to be around them? Same goes for your training, if you are half ass it, you’ll get half ass results. Summer is coming soon.
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