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Pain in leg

Posted by sbican

I am taking a aerobic class on the trampoline and I am experiencing a pain in my leg below my kneecap on the right of my shin there a muscle there or tendon for me to have this pain?
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 Hi it sounds like you could be experiencing what is called patellofemoral syndrome. Petellofemoral pain is one  of the most common types of knee pain. Usually characterized by pain beneath the kneecap (patella) that gets worse after working out. More runners experience this but from what you have described this would be our educated guess. Weak or tight muscles can usually be the cause. We recommend foam rolling and streching to target those tight and weak areas to help stabilize your knee.   



 Foam roll quad 

 Muscles Worked


1. Lie on stomach with foam roll under front of thigh, upper body supported on forearms.

1. Slowly roll front of thigh; apply pressure on tender spots for 30 seconds.

 Muscles Worked


 Foam roll IT Band


1. Lie with foam roll on side, in front of hip.
2. Cross top leg over lower, with foot touching floor and bottom leg raised off floor.

1. Slowly roll from upper portion of outer thigh, slightly in front of hip joint, to knee; apply pressure on tender spots for 30 seconds.


The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller

Trigger Point Perf…

Hope this helps! And see your Dr. If you still experience pain.


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