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Pack Healthy Snacks at Work This Holiday Season

Posted by Lela D.

Working in an office at the holidays can be lethal to your healthy eating goals. Everyone is in the mood for giving - giving cookies, candies, and even the occasional cheese log. So here's what you do: sneak in your own healthy food. It's more important than ever to drink your water and eat healthy snacks so that you don't go nuts over the salted nuts. While it would be rude to deny every holiday treat offered your way, you can enjoy a very small sample. The trick is to hide some vegetable sticks and lo-cal popcorn in your bag. Snacking on a few fresh veggies just before the the afternoon goodie rush will save you hundreds on calories!
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I brought a big bag of "cuties" to the office - those wonderful seedless tangerines went faster than the candy someone else brought in. Great snack for tiding you over before lunch or dinner. What is it about sitting at a desk that makes us get so hungry?!
I think it's the boredom of desk living that makes us reach for treats!
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