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P90X Success Story – Ron Spinner $1,000 winner

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:00pm

Ron Spinner’s P90X success story, including his P90X before and after pictures. Great job on getting P90X results, Ron!

Ron Spinner Won $1,000 in September 2009

A common myth for men is that as they age their metabolism goes down and their weight goes up automatically. Ron Spinner believed that myth, and his body reflected it. His body fat was over 25 percent. He ate anything and everything he wanted.

“Lots of pizza, chicken wings. Drinking beer, watching football games. Lots of laying around, snacking on candy. A lot of carbohydrate foods.”

He was so ashamed of his body that he began to stay indoors more and more—alone. He never really considered exercising, but he did consider spending money on liposuction, to the tune of $10,000.

“Not really being up-to-speed on correct nutrition and an exercise plan that was necessary to keep your body in a good state, I was about to make a very poor decision.”

P90X Extreme Home Fitness Program Then a strange twist of fate would alter Ron’s life. He was digging around the Message Boards of a college Web site he belonged to and was struck by all the chatter about a workout program. That workout was P90X®, and everyone was raving about the great results they were getting.

“The information that I did see on the Message Boards were from real people here in town that I could relate with. . . . All of the feedback that they had were absolutely amazing on par with all of the information on the infomercials.”

He thought surely all those Texas Longhorn fans couldn’t be wrong about P90X, and he ordered it. From the first workout, Ron knew it was for him.

“From day one, I realized this program was for real. . . . This is going to be a worker and if I follow the instructions, this is going to be big-time.”

Besides struggling to change his eating habits, Ron also struggled with when to work out. The hours he worked could be extremely long, sometimes starting at four in the morning and not getting home until seven o’clock at night.

“It was very challenging in the beginning, but what I told myself was I really don’t care how perfect I’m able to do the workouts. I am going to Push Play. I’m going to follow the message that Tony says: ‘Keep Pushing Play; keep coming back.’ The support is out there on the Team Beachbody Web site all over the Message Boards.”

With P90X under his belt, Ron has moved on to P90X Plus. Once that’s completed, he says, he can’t wait to start Shaun T’s insane new workout INSANITY™. He’s lost almost 15 percent of his body fat and became a Beachbody® Coach to help others reach their fitness goals. For all of Ron’s hard work and continued dedication, he is a $1,000 winner in Beachbody’s September Million Dollar Body Game.

Ron’s P90X Before and After Photos
P90X Before PictureP90X After Picture

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