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[P90X Lean Workout] My P90X Lean Week One Routines

Posted Jan 10 2010 8:13am

Well the first week of my P90X Lean workouts is in the books. And I am SORE!!!! What a way to start off the new year. I’m so thankful I’ve been drinking the P90X Recovery Drink, or I’d not be able to get out of bed! :D P90X Lean is no joke! One of the biggest mistakes people make when they start P90X is they try too hard the first week. Start off with 60-70% intensity. Learn the moves…don’t kill yourself. Even at 70% for me this week, I’m very sore!

P90X Lean Workout Routine – Week One

Day 1 – Core Synergistics – are you kidding me? OUCH…and can you say, “Banana” or “Dreya rolls”? haha that was a hard workout.
Day 2 – Cardio X – I enjoyed this workout.
Day 3 – Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X – OWWWWWWWW…Ab Ripper X. 300 moves!
Day 4 – Yoga X – I am going to STRUGGLE with this workout! I am not flexible, need my yoga block and I’ve gotta be careful due to the herniated discs in my neck but I burned over 740 calories so that made my day!
Day 5 – Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X – legs were made of rubber after this workout…and my abs are STILL sore from the last Ab Ripper X workout!
Day 6 – Kenpo X – I kicked and punched my way through this workout and LOVE IT! :)
Day 7 – Rest or X Stretch – for me…this is a rest day today for week one of P90X Lean. I’m planning to go take a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood so I can log into the WOWY SuperGym and be qualified to win money from Beachbody just for working out! I’m always excited when the $1000 prize day comes around. But…I’m competitive with myself, so I still might do the stretch workout tonight.

Even after dozens upon dozens of 10 Minute Trainer workouts in 2009, they don’t compare to the intensity of P90X workouts! There are places on my body that I haven’t been sore at in YEARS! And this is only the first week! I’m looking forward to the next couple months of P90X Lean!

HUGE BONUS! :) I’m really excited that I have a dozen different friends and clients who have embarked on this 90 day challenge with me! We’re all connected on Facebook, so it’s fun to encourage each other and celebrate each others’ successes! It’s always great to have support group of people who share a common goal and vision! Getting lean…P90X Lean!

Subscribe to my blog if you want to follow my progress with P90X Lean over the next 90 days…better yet, join in the fun! Get your own P90X Workout Program and get in shape too! 8)

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