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Overcoming Vicodin – Addiction by Prescription

Posted Apr 23 2010 5:20am
Numerous people have found themselves battling with problems of dependence to the prescription drug Vicodin. Prescribed as a pain reliever, Vicodin is one of the most commonly misused prescription drugs because patients do not take it correctly as the medical practitioner intends it to be taken.

When used according to doctor’s orders, it can be a very helpful analgesic to help alleviate pain, but prolonged use of Vicodin can lead to addiction because the body builds up a tolerance to the drug, needing more and more in order to provide the same outcome. It takes over the conscious mind’s regular pleasure and motivational systems making the need for the drug takes priority.

Vicodin gives a euphoric sensation, comforting both the body and the mind. People with an addiction to Vicodin are often in denial that they have a drug problem. They justify their use by saying things like “I’m only needing it for the pain” or “The medical practitioner said I could take a few additional tablets if I needed to”.

As with other similar drugs, there are plenty of Vicodin patients who don’t get addicted on the medication, but true addicts will give themselves away by becoming frantic when their stock starts becoming low. They will frantically look for ways to top up their supply, such as by lying about physical problems in order to get a prescription.

Vicodin abusers feel that they can’t function without the drug. Even though the pain has gone away, Vicodin produces an effect in them that they feel they cannot live without.

People wrestling with Vicodin addiction eventually find themselves going to outside suppliers such as drug dealers to obtain the drugs and will often go to great lengths to keep up their supply.

Addiction to the drug Vicodin is often seen as less serious than addiction to illegal street drugs because it is approved by a medical doctor. Also, because Vicodin is not seen as resulting in the same life-changing problems as other similar drugs, people who are addicted to Vicodin often don’t think they need to seek help for their problem. However, the long-term consequences of the drug on a persons life and health can be dangerous, and it is absolutely conceivable for an abuser to die from a Vicodin overdose!

Overcoming Vicodin addiction can be difficult. The detoxification procedure can be excruciating, and Vicodin abusers need to go through the same sort of counselling and behaviour adaption therapies as do other drug addicted persons.

Freedom from Vicodin certainly is feasible though. The first step for a Vicodin abuser is admitting that there is a problem and looking for help.

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