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Outdoor Workout at the Playground for fat loss

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:49pm

Saturday was a beautiful day outside and I just had to get out and enjoy it . Even though I had completed five days of boot camp, I still felt like training, albeit lightly, so I went over to the local playground to enjoy the weather and see what kind of training I could put together to help me lose weight.

I walked over to the park and examined my options. There is a well made playground with plenty of bars at different levels criss-crossing each other. Beside the playground is a large flat field about 70 meters long. I decided to cycle through pull-ups, dips, and 50 meter sprints. For the pull-ups I simply grabbed a bar over my head and banged out as many as possible. Then I moved to a pair of bars crossing each other and repped out a bunch of dips. After the dips I immediately walked over to the field and sprinted 50 meters. I took about a 10 second breather and then sprinted back. This was considered one set so I then rested about one minute to catch my breath before repeating the round. In summary:

  • Pull-ups (cycle through chins, parallel chins and pull-ups) x as many as possible

  • Dips x as many as possible

  • Sprint 50 m, rest 10 seconds, sprint back 50 m

  • Rest 1-2 minutes

  • Repeat

I don't know how many reps or how many sets I did. This was what I call a bonus workout, as I had trained hard five times this week already. I just worked hard and had fun at the same time. The sun was super hot so it was nice to get a tan and a good sweat going at the same time. Nothing will improve your mood like training outside so I highly recommend you fit in some fun bonus training sessions at your local park. And don't worry, kids don't use playgrounds anymore, they are too busy getting fat in front of the TV!
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