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Orlando Boot Camp Reveals Its Secrets for the ULTIMATE Fat Burning Boot Camp Workout

Posted Jun 11 2009 11:14am 1 Comment

When I design the workouts for our Orlando Boot Camp, I focus on choosing exercises that get and keep the large muscle groups moving.  The larger the muscle (example quadriceps vs. biceps) the more calories burned.  Keeping these muscles activated and moving will force your body to "feed" your muscles with oxygen, and keep your heart rate elevated.  Elevated heart rates will increase your metabolism and your body will burn more calories. And so the cycle begins! 


Does our formula work?  Our average camper loses an average of 4-8 pounds and 2-3 inches per MONTH!


I like to mix in strength training with intervals of cardio in my Orlando Boot Camp workouts.  We also started using Kettlebells (which are famously known for AMAZING results FAST.)  Using Kettlebells in camp has dramatically enhanced our workouts!  It has been researched that the kettlebell swing can burn up to 1 calorie per swing!  In fact, our typical Orlando Boot Camp workout burns nearly 1000 Calories! 


Components of Our Kick-Butt, Fat-Burning Workouts:


Warm-Up: The goal here is to warm up all the major muscle groups and start getting the oxygen flowing throughout the body. This will reduce the risk for injury (such as a muscle strain) and enhance your flexibility and range of motion during exercise.  We always use dynamic workouts in our Orlando Boot Camp!


Exercises such as body weight squats, jumping jacks, jump rope, push-ups, lunges, and mountain climbers are GREAT!  (Usually lasts 5-8 minutes.)


The Fat-Burning Workout: Keeping the heart rate elevated for the next 35-40 minutes is critical.  The trick is to do fun yet challenging combination of exercises so the workout never becomes boring.  Always mix it up to cause muscle confusion so you will NEVER plateau.  Challenge your body in new ways by progressing after you have mastered the base exercise. (Example: Stationary Lunge to Backward Lunge with a Front Kick) 


In our Orlando Boot Camp, I have a master list of over 300 exercises to choose from so our camp is ALWAYS CHANGING.  I suggest writing a list down, so you always have a reference.  This way, you don't always go back to your favorites and hit plateaus!


Interval training, in my opinion, provides the fastest and most efficient weight loss results.  In 8 years of training, I have tested lots of new theories and workout models, yet I always come back to interval training because it WORKS.


I like to do 2-3 body weight exercises and then add a cardio in for an extra metabolic boost.  For example:  1 set of 20 alternating backward lunges, 15 tricep push-ups, 30 bicycle crunches, and then 45 seconds of burpees.  This would be considered one circuit.  I usually cycle through this one more time by the end of 1 Orlando Boot Camp workout.  We can usually cover 3-5 circuits per workout. Don't forget about adding kettlebell swings, deadlifts, or kb squats to the workout if you have a kettlebell lying around!


Cool Down: Just as important as the warm-up, you want to bring the heart rate back down to just above a resting level.  I like to do low intensity exercises, such as down-dog, core work, and various stretches to cool down.


Make it fun, challenge yourself, be consistent, and watch your body transform!


If you want to take a look at our Orlando Boot Camp video, you can see a couple of our campers in ACTION! Check out

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Orlando boot camps are very famous due to the specialized training programs and fitness workouts for the individual growth of kids. Training programs are successful in burning calorie and balancing bodyweight according to the ages. In the training camps teenagers are motivated to attain a healthy and slim physique by burning huge amount of fat. Campers attain strong body contour after the training programs. Camps recommend highly energetic environment for the youth that develop the qualities of a healthy life. Boot camps for teens offer focused training programs that fulfill special needs and demands of campers.




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