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Organic, or not?

Posted May 06 2008 8:54am

I had a test done last year through my Naturopathic doctor.  she found that my toxic load was rather high.  I’ve inhaled, absorbed and ingested too many toxins, which include the pesticides on my produce.  My goal is to eat 100% organic, but it’s been impossible.  First of all, I live in the Northeast.  Our winters are long and our summers are hot and humid, the first making for a short growing season, the second making for a healthy bug environment, the organic growers nightmare.  So the majority of my organic food has to be shipped to me, now I have to think about our planet.   How much emissions went into the atmosphere to get me that apple?  The simple answer is “a lot”.

I have to make some difficult choices when shopping as it is, now I found out about something else I should be considering.   I took the RealAge Test a few months ago ( ).  I was happy to find out that they put me 7 years younger than my chronological age, but I find them too main stream for most of their recommendations.  I remain on their emal list to see if there is anything interesting, and found yesterdays to be “interesting”.  See the post at  entitled 12 Foods Where Organic Makes Sense.  It turns out that some fruits and produce require more than average pesticide use.  By avoiding these 12, the article claims it cuts our intake of pesticides by 90%.  Pretty high number to toss on the table, but even if it’s exaggerated by 50%, the number is still good.  To recap, here are the 12:  peaches, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, apples, pears, imported grapes, spinach, lettuce, potatoes, celery and green bell peppers.

So for these 12 items, I’ll be choosing my own health over that of the environment, I apologize in advance to those who would choose the opposite.

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