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Optimal Rotation Cable chops, lu...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:32pm

Optimal Rotation

Cable chops, lunges with a twist, more cable chops. These moves are probably one of the top three frequently performed movements in gyms on a daily basis. It's also a common dysfunction in most walking patterns.

Women on the stepmill and men sprinting on the treadmill, there's rotation there as well.

That's the problem, we're really not made to rotate but we need it.

Think of rotation as two CD's on top of each other. The top CD rotates but the bottom one doesn't. That's bad rotation, that's rotation without the usage of our glutes as external rotators. Now think of those CD's rotating together, that's optimal.

It may not be as sexy as some other examples but if we relate to the human body the top CD is the lumbar spine and the bottom CD is the hips. They need to move freely of each other but at the same time.

Enough boring talk, here's what to do.

-If you want to perform rotatory training, make sure that you focus on allowing the hips to shift fluidly. If you can't then it means your hips are glued.

-If you're hips are glued, take yourself through a circuit of dynamic and static stretches focusing on your front hip, lateral rotators while strengthen your posterior hip.

-Make sure to stiffen your abdominal wall and make sure that you want to resist the movement from the core.

-When doing any type of sprinting, focus on contracting your glutes . When doing it on a treadmill or any machine, your glutes will be shut off so you'll have to focus extra hard on it.

-Just stretch. It has fallen out of favor recently but that doesn't mean it's not effective. Granted manual therapy is great but static stretching has its place.

The whole key is to make sure that you realize that the majority of common back pain comes from rotation based issues. I understand it's hard but focusing on those suggested areas will go a long way in helping you.

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