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Operation Motivation For Fat Loss Success

Posted Jul 15 2009 5:40pm

I am a huge fan of Tom Venuto’s and his Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle was the very first ebook I purchased. It was also what got me itching to become a fitness professional.

He has been sending out some great stuff this week and I just wanted to share some of that with you…

On Visualization: Mental Training Secrets

QUESTION: Dr. Maxwell Maltz called it, “Entering the theatre of the mind.” It is one of the oldest methods for self improvement, visualization, that is. But a lot of people say they don’t think it will work and others say they want to try it but they don’t know how to visualize. They don’t know how to really put themselves in their mind’s theater and project a new future. They might be able to visualize their perfect day, but they’re stuck in the mundane minutia of the daily ritual, like “I’m up at 7:00. I have my coffee. I get in the car. I go to work. I’m back at 5:00. Then I go to the gym.” They don’t know how to visualize their future ideal body or see themselves performing in the gym at personal best levels because they’ve never experienced it before. What are some tips or tricks that you can give to people to help them better visualize their perfect body and life?

TOM VENUTO: Well, for sure, some people are more visual than others. We have dominant representational systems, which is the way we create internal experience in our mind. Some people are more auditory. Some people are more visual. Some people are much more feeling and more kinesthetic. That’s why some people find visualization to be a lot more natural than others. But everyone uses all three systems, so anyone can visualize.

I like to talk about achieving a great physical condition as a combination of physical training and mental training. I talk a lot about mental training programs and part of the mental training is visualization. If you want to improve your visualization skills, you have to approach it as a real program. You’re going to be making pictures in your mind all throughout the day anyway. Every time you have a thought, you’re going to see that thought as a picture. But what you want to do is make it a formal process, just like you go to the gym and train.

You’ve set aside a time to go to the gym and train, right? Well, set aside a time for mental training. An ideal time to do it is first thing in the morning and also right before you go to sleep at night, because in both those cases, your unconscious mind is very primed and receptive to programming.

At one or both of those times, take a few deep breaths, get yourself in a deeply relaxed state and then begin to see pictures and play mental movies in your mind. As you go through that formal mental training process, where you’re actually doing a visualization training session, as opposed to doing it at random, you’ll start get better and better at it.

One trick, if you’re not that visual and you want to improve your visualization skills, is to use photos. One of the things that’s really popular now in the personal development community is a Vision Board. You clip out pictures of the goals you want to achieve. People are putting up a big bulletin board and snipping out pictures of everything in their life that they want: the cars, and homes, and the body that they want.

Even if this sounds like cheesy pop-psychology and self-helpish, trust me, it can be very effective. Cut out pictures of the physique that you want. Forget what you look like now. Forget what you think you can achieve. Dream big! Pick an image of your IDEAL future body. Put it on your board and project that in the theater of your mind.

Tom is offering a new set of mind-training and fitness psychology reports and ebooks at, including The New Visualization Breakthrough. Seriously, for less than $40 dollars, I think I am going to purchase the book again, just to get the added bonuses! Great stuff! But it’s only available until Friday, so don’t wait! I plan to get mine today!

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