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Onsite Gyms at the Workplace

Posted by Steven D.

Worksite gyms are becoming increasingly popular these days...check it out!

Who has time to exercise? You do. That is, if your employer is one of the growing number of companies building fitness facilities onsite or offering cash to subsidize crunches. Studies show that workplace fitness isn't just good for the employee's health, it's also a boon for the bottom line, reducing absenteeism, boosting productivity, slashing turnover and ultimately lowering medical costs.

The payoff

At least three times a week Laura Lima Wilson, customer relationship manager at SAS Canada in Toronto, heads down to one of the company's bottom floors, grabs a towel and hits the gym. Maybe she climbs on the cardio machines or takes a yoga or spinning class. Whatever the activity, Ms. Lima Wilson says she's glad she makes the effort to pry herself away from her desk to take a break. Exercising at work also means she's free to spend her evenings with her young daughter, rather than hiring a babysitter just so she can drive to a gym. There's another bonus. "While I work out, I work out a lot of things in my head too. Everything becomes clearer," she says before adding, " I don't feel the sluggish, afternoon tiredness either."

Who's going for it?

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A lot of companies are starting to pay their employers to workout/lose weight because it costs less than the cost of health care. Check out this video about IBM's program.
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