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Only 6 Days Left...

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:37pm

….until all the bonuses are all gone…

Check out the amazing bonuses you will receive if you pick up a copy of  The Fat Blasting Boot Camp Program before January 1st!

1) Bikini Ready Abs by Holly Rigsby CPTbra_ebook_small

Holly is America’s #1 Fat Loss Expert for Busy Moms and author of Fit Yummy Mummy, so she knows the value of giving you a super fast fat burning, belly-flattening workout. Her clients can’t afford to spend hours in a gym or even 60-minutes watching an exercise video, so she’s become an expert in giving busy women effective and short burst ab exercise secrets that you can do at home in as little as 15 minutes!

DB-BW Fusion Workout

2) Turbulence Training -DB-BW Fusion Workout by Craig Ballantyne CSCS

To help you get through your workouts faster, without having to change weights between supersets (if you use adjustable dumbells at home) or grab two sets of dumbells at the gym, this TT workout contains the perfect pairings of dumbell and bodyweight exercises to help you get maximum results in minimum time.

3) KettleBelle Body Blaster by Caroline RadwayKettleBelle Body

KettleBelle Body Blaster: a fat blasting, metabolism boosting kettlebell workout!  The beauty is that you can customize this workout to meet your needs: there are options so you can make it a 10 minute blast or a 45 minute session.  Along with really clear descriptions this is the ultimate ‘no excuse’ workout!


4)Launch Your Personal Comeback by Christine Spencer-Certified Life Coach for WomenLaunch Ebook cover


Launch Your Personal Comeback is a collection of articles focusing on overcoming common obstacles in our lives. Expert advice and tips. Women, I encourage you to see and bring forth the beauty and strength within yourselves, to be inspired to be the best you can be. For those of you who are in challenging circumstances, the words here- can help you find some peace and some strength to begin to turn your life around. The Change Starts With You.

5) Fit Business Woman -Workout Log
by Angie Jones

Studies show that people lose more weight and reach their goals quicker when they record their daily nutrition and fitness activites in a journal. Fit Business Woman Workout Log also shows you how establishing goals can keep you motivated to achieve greater success in your fitness journey. Make that commitment, keep track of your progress, and success will be inevitable!


6) “Unlock Your Strength – 100 Keys to Improving Your Workouts (and your Life) by Eugene Thong, C.S.C.S. Christopher Warden, C.S.C.S.
(Retail value $19.97)

Gone are the days where an entire book has to be read cover-to-cover in order to digest and apply the material.  “UYS” provides a point by point, focused look at many of the underlying considerations for effective training, leaving the reader with the option to apply one “key” at a time . . . one day, week or month at a time.  “UYS” is training manual - a “ Fitness Book of Wisdom,” if you will, that fills a need for the fitness enthusiasts in our fast-paced society: it provides quick “ how to ” answers so that workout programs can be optimized.

7)Storm Force Fitness Flexibility Programby Jon Le Tocq

The Storm Force Fitness Flexibility manual is a step-by-step guide to movement preparation before exercise, and correcting poor desk posture. Static stretching won’t get you the results delivered by our ‘contract-relax’ stretching. Expect fast improvements in flexibility, joint mobility and reductions in aches and pains.

8) Get Motivated-52 Amazing Quotes That Will Change Your Life by Daniel Munday

Do you ever feel like you need some inspirational words to pump up your tyres when you are flat? Sydney’s Fat Loss Expert Daniel Munday has done the hard work for you. You have over 60 quotes that will get you in the right frame of mind right at your fingertips. Print this book out and keep it somewhere prominant. It just might save your day!

9) Homeschool Moms Secrets For Fat Loss Revealed
Angela Ramos, RKC, CFT

Angela Ramos is a formerly flabby homeschool mom who transformed her body by burning over 50 lbs. of ugly body fat in less than a year.  She reveals her secrets to permanent fat loss in her free report, “The Homeschool Mom’s Secrets to Fat Loss Revealed” which includes her special book bag workout.

10) PUNK THE JUNK: True Food Confessions
David Di Francesco

“Punk the Junk, True Food Confessions peels the mystery away from what is really happening behind the food we eat.  David Di Francesco, selected one of the Top 5 Fitness Coaches in Southern California answers such questions as:
- Is what they say on the outside of the package what’s really on the inside?
- What is really organic, and how can they get away from saying it if it isn’t?
- Do you really need supplements, and if so which ones?
- Can I eat healthy food and still get fat?”

All these bonuses worth over $800 = FREE!

Just pick up your copy of The Fat Blasting Boot Camp Program!



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